A sneak peek & a little fun

Today we took Spencer to an Easter Egg Hunt in town. Mostly it was a lot of waiting around for five minutes of fun, but Spencer really enjoyed all of it. (Including the waiting since there were lots of interesting things to break look at.) I got a couple of shots, but this one is my fave. By far.

Egg Hunt

I'll share a few more tomorrow... but here's the "little bit of fun" part. I think this photo is just calling out for a caption, don't you?! And that sounds like a fun contest to me! All you need to do to enter is leave a caption in the comments by Friday at Noon EST. Everyone who leaves a caption in their comment will be entered in a random drawing to win. We'll also be judging the captions themselves and will be awarding the favorite caption a prize too. Fun! We're planning on having a panel of judges to ensure fairness. [wink] We just have to let the judges know! Now, I bet you're all wondering what the prizes are, huh?! Well it's a surprise. But trust me, it's going to be *good*...

Good luck, now go get creative!