Wooo-Eee, I'm 20!


[Months that is...]

Yo yo yo... Spencer here. Again. I'm totally going to take over these monthly update posts cause my mom just does a horrible job on them. I mean, where's my 19th Month post?! Nowhere. She claims it's because she had a big anniversary to focus on, but I say it's cause she was lazy. Or maybe just to exhausted from chasing me all day? Anyway. I say "Move over Mama, Spencer's taking over!"

First things first. The big news is that I've got two "20"s to celebrate... my 20th month and my 20th pound! That's right people, I've broken the 20 pound marker! Apparently this is very exciting news here. And now, just when I've gotten really good at using my mirror to see things in front of the car, they've gone and turned my seat around on me! Geez. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not... but Mama and Dada sure do! I've also broken the 30" marker too, but I seem much taller to people. That's a little thing I like to call personality.

So, not too much has changed around here... I've added a few more words and a few more signs. Most of them I've made up cause I find that more entertaining. Like, I call my little mp3 player "ah-da" and "outside is "zhaa zhaa." I think it's fun to use words that sound nothing like the actual thing I am conveying. Except when it comes to food. Then I am as accurate as possible. Otherwise bad things can happen. Like you could ask for goldfish, but get carrots instead. So I'll very clearly state "nack" and "shh" for those delicious orange fishies. I also am very clear when it comes to my ah-pees (apples), eggies (eggs), and bop (rice)! Now, while I haven't added a lot of words per say, it doesn't stop me from "talking" all. day. long. I find that it's a very soothing background noise to hear my voice constantly. I'm not so sure my parents agree, but I think it's fun.

Another thing I do all day long is eat. I have my morning snack when I get up (more on that later) and then I have first breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, appetizer, dinner, and bedtime snack. A normal day consists of wheat sticks in the morning, a bowl of oatmeal for first breakfast, 2-3 eggs for second breakfast, some fruit - like grapes - for a snack, then some of my goldfish crackers, lunch consists of some lunch meat, cheese, and veggies, then I get some fruit for dessert, my afternoon snack is really whatever I feel like... it's really good when we're out doing errands... then I get something really yummy like fruit snacks or a pretzel or popcorn. I usually have a little appetizer of veggies and dip before moving on to dinner which is whatever my Mama and Dada are eating. Usually served with a side of rice, cause I just can't get enough bop! Some days I get a little dessert, others just a bedtime snack. What can I say... I gotta get my energy up so I can go go go!

Speaking of go go going... I am what they call an "early riser." I prefer to be up at 5:40ish every morning. Mama totally bribes me to stay calm and in bed with her for another twenty minutes by plying me with my two favorite vices, wheat sticks and B@rney. Now, I know a lot of you have issues with that purple dinosaur... but I just love him. I especially love the opening song and the Iloveyou song. I request him by name (Be-Be) and make sure my parents know how much I appreciate them turning on his show by clapping and smiling and cheering "BE-BE" real loud. We had a disastrous incident one day where all the B@rney episodes were deleted from the DVR. Mama claims it never would have happened if I wasn't playing with the remote. I think it was a purple dinosaur thief who came and stole them all. It was a very traumatic experience... one I hope we never repeat. I made sure Mama knew how displeased I was with the situation by following her around begging for Be-Be, and signing "please" and "more" non-stop. I thought maybe it was something I did, so I also threw in a few "sorry" signs for good measure. When that didn't work I tried stomping my foot to no avail. Oh, I can't even think of that horrible, B@rney-free time!


I start off the day very early here and I prefer to not stop until bedtime. Sometimes I accidentally fall asleep in the car or in the stroller when we're walking Doodles... but I try not to let that happen too often. I most definitely do not nap when I'm supposed to be though. Why do that when you can sing for an hour and jump up and down in the crib?! Or bang your feet against the rails?! That's way more fun. Right now, I prefer to fall asleep with the door to my room cracked a little bit. This way I can listen to what's going on in the house for as long as possible before collapsing.

I also prefer to spend as much time outside as possible. Now that the weather is getting nice, I constantly ask for "zhaa zhaa." Unfortunately, Mama is not as cooperative as I would like her to be on rainy days. Then we have to stay inside... booooo-ring. My twentieth month brought me my own set of wheels, and let me tell you... I could play with that cozy*coupe all day long. I accidentally crashed it the other day, so it's currently in the shop getting the roof duct taped back on. In the meantime I'm practicing my soccer skills by kicking the ball around the backyard. Mostly I like to just climb the stairs and play with the garden gate though... and occasionally walk through the 'hood . I'm a man of simple pleasures.

My favorite things right now are doggies ('specially Doodles!), buses, trucks, and music. (Hey, I said things hadn't changed much!) And oh, I love to dance and sing and listen to music. I've totally got Mama wrapped around my finger and she often sings to me at my request, or will put on some good dinner music if I want. And it's a given than I get to control the radio in the car. At this rate, I'll have no battles to fight when I get into my teen years! I'm also really into my Baby Tad and Scout dolls. They sing music and talk to me and I love that.

I think that's pretty much it. Mama and Dada are constantly saying that they can't believe how I'm becoming more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. I'm grasping "bigger concepts" they say, and I'm *very* routine oriented right now. Geez, just because I like to be ahead of the game. So what if I'm focusing on the tubby when dinner has just been served? Or eyeing the stamps at Gym*boree before we even start singing the goodbye song?! Tough crowd, that Mama and Dada! They also say that I keep them on their toes and they're both exhausted by the end of the day... just how I like them!

Well, Mama's saying it's time to go out and terrorize the local mall. More soon!