Did you know I'm Beautiful?!


A Beautiful Blogger that is!

I was given the "Beautiful Blogger" award by Kelli over at Life with My Little Prince. (An embarrassingly long time ago now.) But, I didn't want to let the opportunity pass my by to play along... even if I'm rather late to the party. So "aww, shucks" and "Thanks!" Kelli. Now, ahem, let's get down to business.

This award honors and celebrates the connections and friendships we have made through blogs. When I started this blog, I never realized the friendships it would bring into my life. I can honestly say that these friendships have changed and enriched my life in a way nothing else has. While I treasure my "real life" friends dearly, there's also a special place in my heart for my BBs (aka blog buddies).

I would nominate oh-so-many of you. I know some of you have been nominated already... and I'd nominate you all again. There are some newer readers I'd nominate if not for the fear of scaring them away. But I'm going to be disciplined for once... and just nominate a handful even though it was *very* hard to do so. I'm nominating:

Krista & Elizabeth : I believe you both were two of my first blog buddies and have been there through all my ups and downs without fail. What would I have done without you two during the wait?! Especially that "ohmygod, we-have-a-referral-but-cannot-accept-yet wait?!"

Michelle & Amanda : Blog buddies to real life buddies... nothing better than that. You've been nothing but supportive and encouraging as I figure out this thing called "parenting."

Emily & Jenna : Beautiful inside and out... you both inspire me daily. Especially when you whip out those cameras.

Kelly : You simply amaze me... from your thought-provoking posts, to your brutal honesty about how you're feeling, to your re-capping of everyday life... I love when a new post pops up from you. And all the yummy knitting projects?! Those are just a bonus!

And lastly, Sue : You know you've met a true friend when you finally connect on the phone and talk for three hours straight! Need I say more? Really?

OK. So now I guess I'm supposed to share seven things about myself. If you can believe it, this was the part that hung me up the most. That's a wee bit scary. Anyway. Here goes...

1. My favorite "indulgence" or "treat" is a facial. I'm not a fan of massages... but I jump at the chance for a facial. Unfortunately, it's been a loooong time now. Not working sure does put a crimp in my "fun fund"!

2. I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Is that a problem?!

3. I have more hobbies than I have time. This was the case before Spencer came home...now it's just a joke. I wonder if "laundry" could classify as a hobby?!

4. I'm trying to live a simpler life. I'm not really sure what that means quite yet, but for now it means a lot of purging and "letting go" of things.

5. I've got a bad wardrobe situation going on right now and it kind of sickens me... I'm not the plain t-shirt and jeans-that-don't-really-fit every.single.day. type of girl. The worst part is that I don't even have the energy to go shopping, and I am a *master* of shopping.

6. I have a killer sweet tooth. If I could eat ice cream every single night I'd be a happy girl.

7. I hate surprises. Hate. Them. I like to be in on surprises, I just don't like to be the one surprised. Ask around, everyone will back me up on this.

So there you have it. Seven, rather random, things about me.