From the iPhone Archives (#2)

As promised... another installation of what our iPhones captured this week...

{One week it's 'bucks... the next, it's "Stunod niknud"s... fickle boy!}

{Let me just whip something up for you Mama...}

{Gotta practice hailing a cab for my big NYC trip...}

{Oooo... big stick!}

{And of course there's the "Great Stolen Coffee Caper"}

{Spencer got his own wheels this week...}

{Practicing reverse}

{And Spencer found the perfect spot for his car... I think Dada has lost his garage spot!}

{And the highlight of the week was getting to "drive" a *real* truck!}


And of course, there's some video. Actually, there's a lot of video this week... Spencer's just becoming such a character that it's hard to not film him 24/7 these days! So I apologize in advance. At least they are mostly short clips.... right?!

The following video is a request we hear often. I also love it because you get to see what his reaction is when we "guess right." Whenever we "get it" with what Spencer is trying to communicate to us, he makes this "Gaaaauuuggghhhkkk" sound that's almost like "Yeeeeaaahhhh" with a smile. You see it here at the :21 mark.

BeeBee Time! Uploaded by 12450miles.

Evidence that he does sit still for "BeeBee!"

Spencer and Barney (aka "BeeBee" Uploaded by 12450miles.

We also got a rice cooker recently. And we *love* it. We use it every other day... and Spencer can't get enough "Bop!" [Bop is Korean for "rice" for those who don't know...]

Bop One Uploaded by 12450miles.

In case you didn't get the message...

Bop Two Uploaded by 12450miles.

And, this may just be my favorite video of the week... I apologize for my finger that gets in the way a couple of times, but it's not easy to keep up with this kid!

Doggie Search Uploaded by 12450miles.