Spring Fever & Spring Forward

Last week we had some beautiful weather here, and we tried to make the most of it! We spent tons of time outdoors over the four days. We headed over to a nearby town the first day... solely to scout some photo sites. Of course we had to check out the waterfall...


{Don't you love his pants that won't stay up?!}

DSC_0070 DSC_0071

{I just love this shot...the lighting...those lashes!}


{And I love this one too!}

Then we found a cool glass door...

DSC_0091 DSC_0097

And of course, we got some good portraits...


(And Mama is having way to much fun in Light*room now...)


And it's not an outing until there are some silly shots...


{signing "eat"... which he does all. the. time. now.}


The next day we stayed close to home and just ran around the yard as much as possible...

DSC_0150 DSC_0135 DSC_0137 DSC_0142 DSC_0144

{We're all about hugging Doodles these days... Poor Doodles.}

The following day was the warmest and we spent lots of time outside playing with the bubbles!


{Bubbles please!}


{"I do it!"}

DSC_0191 DSC_0194 DSC_0204


Whew! Did you make it through all that?! So needless to say, we've got some major spring fever around these parts...

Now, Spring Forward. I'm starting a petition to stop this time change ridiculousness. Back in November when we had a h*ll of a time with the "fall back" everyone told us... "oh, don't worry, you'll like 'spring forward' much better!" For the record... I do not. Spencer's internal clock went the wrong way and he and I were up at 5:05 "new" time on Sunday (that's 4:05 am "old" time which I was still very much on.) And we still have trouble getting him to sleep at night cause he's still on "old" time at night! The result? A very cranky toddler. I'm done. No more time changing in this house. I'm planning to change time zones every time we have a change... might as well make the pain worth my while! [wink] So I'm one tired Mama... who should really be sleeping and not blogging. Night all!