From the iPhone Archives...

Now that Doug and I both have iPhones, I'm noticing some of Spencer's best moments are caught on our phones rather than on the "real" cameras. So, without further ado... a bunch of random moments for you all.

{Monkey See, Monkey Do}

{A 'bucks junkie in the making...}


{Saturday morning cartoons at G-Ma & G-Pa's house}

{I need a back-up plan if the hibachi thing doesn't work out...}

{Kimchi Fiend}

{Mama won't notice if I just have a couple of bites..}

All done

{All done and no mess! Right?!}

{Where's my smoothie?!}

{This is what happens when you fight the nap.}

And a funny video. We've always wondered what Spencer likes more... Roxy (Doodles) or trucks. I think we have our answer! (Spencer is saying "Doodles" in the beginning of the video in case you can't tell. She's next to me on the couch and he's on the ottoman.)