Portrait of a Tantrum


{This is my life lately}

I thought was hoping that the incessant tantrums of late were related to not feeling well. I was wrong. I actually believe they've gone up a notch in intensity and frequency since Spencer has gotten back to his old self. Sigh. This one in particular was after I told Spencer we were "all done" in the bathroom. Lately, my son has two obsessions. Sitting on the potty and washing his hands. We could probably spend all day in the bathroom if we wanted to. Now, we're not attempting potty training yet. (I believe I have gone on the record as planning to wait until he's 4?!) But S is fascinated. Fascinated. And in an effort to not scare him away from the potty forever, we're following his lead. And he leads us into the bathroom. Constantly. Oy.

Now for a complete change of subject:

Many of you commented on how sweet the photo of Roxy and Spencer was in this post and this post. I was actually hiding in the dining room trying to get this shot (and failed since it's all blurry):


And just stumbled into the other shot that I posted. As Bob Ross would have said... that's a "happy accident."