Day 15

We're now on day 15 of this "bug" here, and I think I might be starting to lose my mind. Yesterday was very trying. I think that being cooped up inside (for the most part) is just starting to get to us both. Add in poor sleep for everyone and you have a whole lot of crank in this house. Last night I was very much feeling like I was *not* the "best mom I could be" yesterday. So today it's definitely a WIT [Whatever-It-Takes] Wednesday. We're still both in our pjs, we had breakfast in front of the TV, and we're doing only fun things - no chores! We colored, played with trucks, read some books, watched some Sesame*Street, and then I got brave. Very brave. And we did this: doh1

{Can you guess?!}


{I bet you can!}


{We made play*doh!}


Now, this is not my first foray into homemade play*doh. (This is my favorite recipe so far) Nor is it the first time Spencer and I have worked in the kitchen together. But it is the first time we've made "DOH!" together and it's also the first time that we've been around a heat source while "cooking." (That part I don't really recommend... it was very stressful for me.) It went way better than I thought it would. He loves helping dump and stir the ingredients, but I think he wanted "in" when I was stirring it over the heat... and that wasn't going to happen. He also got a little bored when I was mixing in the colors, but once he had a ball of doh to play with, his mood improved. And now we have a new set of "DOH!" in the house. I think we'll pull out our plastic table cloth and play a little more after nap...

And guess what else?!


{It's my 500th post!}

Wow. I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Something to mark the occasion. I was going to make this post a "retrospective of sorts" but I just didn't have it in me today. Hmmm... I'll need to think on that.