Black & White Wednesday (#3)

After a brief hiatus last week, I'm back with another B&W shot. I've been reminiscing a lot lately about our trip to Chicago in the fall to meet up with some blog buddies. Which means I've been flipping through the photos a lot lately (that I never posted, I know...) and this shot kept catching my eye. It was taken out of our hotel window. Just a quick grab early one morning. I remember I was trying to get a good shot of Spencer on the bed and he was just too wound-up for that to work. I remember turning around and just loving the light hitting the buildings. While the color version is ok, I just was too distracted by the tan building to be completely happy with it. I thought it would make a good image for a B&W experiment though...

DSC_0010_sm copy copy

{Original Shot}


{Standard B&W conversion}

When I did the above change, I felt like I lost a little of what caught my eye in the first place. It seemed to lose some of the feel of the morning light and some of the sparkle...

DSC_0010_sm-gray3 copy

{With a "rose" filter laid over}

Not happy with the first B&W, I laid a "rose" filter over and bumped the contrast. I'm a little happier with it. It feels like it brought back the feeling of the early morning sun a little.

DSC_0010_gray4 copy


Then I threw everything out the window and went for a grittier look altogether. Something that almost feels like it could be another decade. All in all, I'm not sure that I love any of them... and I'm not sure that I improved on the original photo. But hey, it was a fun experiment! AND it has me jazzed to post some other cute shots I had all but forgotten about!

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