Sick Baby

[Thank you all for your very sweet comments on my last post. We loved reading them all, and appreciate every. single. one.] As many of you know (from my incessant whining), Spencer has been sick. Really sick. For a long time (12 days & counting). We did have a brief respite last weekend, but it turns out that was just the calm before the storm. It feels like longer than it has been, but I guess that is what happens when your baby is sick... days just drag on forever. I guess we've been really lucky so far this winter. While Spencer has had little colds/bugs pretty much all winter, he's never been down and out like this. But then again, he's never had multiple things hit at once, which is what we are dealing with now. It's amazing how much it's slowed him down this time. Of course, this is Spencer, so he hasn't slowed down much... but he has slowed down. The biggest difference is that he's become so much clingier. It feels like when we first came home and he wanted to be no more than an arm's reach away from us. Which is nice on one hand, but illustrates how he's feeling... and that's not so nice. Normally he's full speed ahead. Not so much these days. Poor baby.

So these days I've pretty much put everything aside in order to be there for him. Consider this my public apology to bear with me as I struggle to catch up.


This is pretty much how S looks these days... hair filled with food and sticking out to the side from rubbing his head so much, "sick" eyes, pale, mouth open to breathe... the only thing out of place is the food all over his face. That's not so normal these days!

Poor baby!