A sweet for my [little] sweet.

[Just a quick post tonight...] While this weekend was mostly focused on Seollal around here... we did pay homage to Valentine's Day with a trip to our favorite bakery for some sweets. We didn't really make a big deal out of the holiday this year since, well, we know that there are many years ahead where we probably will be doing it up a little more for Spencer's sake. (We don't hate Valentine's Day here, we've just gotten too lazy to celebrate in recent years...) Next year I aim to actually have decorations up!

And, ironically, Spencer didn't actually get his sweet until today since he had all sorts of New Years sweets yesterday and for a kid who doesn't get a whole lot of sugar... let's just say I didn't want to be up all night with a party animal!

I couldn't really pick my favorite, so here's way more photos than you need:

cookie1 cookie2

[First taste]

cookie4 cookie5

[I love how my little guy always wants to share... he makes sure everyone — canines included — get a bite!]

cookie6 cookie8 cookie7 cookie3 cookie9

[Happy Camper!]