Happy New Year!

It's been an interesting end to the week. I've had one sick little boy here. It's been a rough few days.... but we seem to have finally turned the corner [knock on wood] here. I'm really hoping to keep the forward momentum we've got going here. I hate seeing Spencer not feel well, but I also hate how "off my game" it puts me. Especially since we've had some very bad nights to boot... it's very hard to be all that Spencer needs me to be when I'm completely and totally exhausted. (And I'm soooo behind on life since I've been very busy cuddling the very sick little boy.) That said, someone must have given him the heads up that it's Lunar New Year this weekend 'cause he's had a big rally today in terms of disposition and attitude. I'll do a longer post on all of our celebrations soon, but here are a few photos of Spencer in his hanbok to tide you over until then!



[This says sae-hae bok man-i bad-eu-say-o which means "May you receive many blessings in the New Year."]