My 18th Month.

Hi All. Spencer here. My mama keeps talking about how she needs to do my 18 month update before I turn 19 months (which is next week in case you're wondering) but all I see is a whole lot of talking and not a lot of action. So I decided it was time to step in and fill all my family, friends, and BBs (blog buddies) in on what's going on in my world. But before I start, let's talk about this whole "BB" terminology. Or BeeBee as I have sometimes seen it written. I don't feel that she's given it the proper feel, for I say it something more like this:BeeeeeeBEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! preferably with my hands in fists against my stomach while standing on tiptoes. So next time you see her lame "BBs" or "BeeBees" just remember, it's really "BeeeeeeBEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!"

Anyway, moving on... here's some highlights about my 18th month, both leading up to and during. Let's be honest, Mama probably isn't going to get around to posting a 19 Month update any time soon either...

I'm almost 20 pounds and almost 30 inches. What I lack in size, I more than make up for in personality. I can charm almost anyone I meet from the old men in the grocery store to all the moms at Gymboree. And being so small I can really move. People keep calling me Speed Racer. I don't know what that's supposed to mean but I like the sound of it. I prefer to run everywhere and my Mama and I have a great game we call "laps" where we run around the kitchen table and island until one of us is out of breath. Usually her. Not only am I fast, I'm non-stop. It keeps life interesting. I usually leave a path of destruction behind me, but I gotta give Mama and Dada something to do once I go to sleep, right?! I've also become quite adept at escaping the kitchen area. After a few unfortunate falls on my head while trying to clear the baby gates, I finally figured it out and can get over them pretty quickly if I want. I've also learned there is a handy "cut out" in the wall between the family room and dining room that I can get through with the aide of some well placed bookshelves. While we're discussing my agility I shouldn't forget to mention that I'm really good at getting onto the bar height kitchen table and the counters now. I've been able to get myself all sorts of snacks and toys I'm really not supposed to have while my mom is looking the other way. I've been jumping for a while now, and last month I figured out how to jump from one thing to another. Like the ottoman to the couch. Well this month I realized that it was really fun to also jump off of things... like the couch, or a stool. It's also really fun to stand in place and see how many times I can jump before I fall over. And the fact that I like jumping in my crib while I'm supposed to be napping goes without saying right? Ah jumping. Life is never boring when you can jump. People keep telling my Mama to sign me up for this Cirque thing... but I think I'd prefer to be a daredevil.

As you know, Roxy is one of my favorite peeps. I like to call her "DooDools" in a long, drawn out fashion like this: "DOOOOOOOODooooooolllllsssss" It works best if you give it some grit too and make your voice sound an octave or two lower than it really is. She's finally coming around to this idea as well. I like feeding her and try to do it as many times a day as I can. Mama is pretty strict though and only lets me do it once, maybe twice, a day. I also discovered that if you try to help along the situation by dumping the bowls on the carpet in the family room you only get in trouble... you don't actually get to refill the bowls. That's not so much fun. I do like to make up for the lack of kibbles I'm allowed to give her by feeding her from the table. I usually do it on the sly and sneak it out underneath my booster tray. Usually she lets me give her kisses and hugs, but some days I'm told I just have to let her sleep. Those days are reallllyyyy boooooring. Sometimes I don't listen and Roxy tries to tell me a thing or two. That's when I growl at her. I tell her where she can put those things she just told me. Sometimes I like to growl at her just to see if I can "stir the pot" as my Mama says.

Let's see... what else. Oh, I know! I'm working these "sign" things like no one's business. My favorites are more, please, all done, milk, juice, eat, play and help. Sometimes Mama says I don't use the help one in the most obvious of circumstances like when I've got a toy stuck somewhere. But I think it should be obvious that I need help when I'm stomping my feet and yelling and tugging like mad at the offending toy. No? I also like to sign bouncy and stinky although these are signs that my G-ma and my parents made up and I've rolled with. That'll show them for being dramatic. I've got a bunch of other signs that I use here or there, but not regularly enough to blather on about right now. I'm also starting to string signs together to say things like "more milk please" and man, does that get me some smiles. Now, don't get me wrong, I chatter all day long as well. Since I like to make noise all day long, Mama and Dada have started to teach me my ABCs and my 123s. I've decided to just learn "2" and "B"... why exert yourself if you don't need to. I do have a bunch of other words I use such as apple (pronounced Ahhhh-PEEEE) Truck (pronounced GA) car (also pronounced GA) Buh-Bye, Bubbles, Tubby (pronounced Guh Guh) and many more that aren't coming to mind right now. I prefer to only use them when I have to though... I'd rather my parents read my mind although they are really slow on the uptake there. Even when I'm clear as day Mama and Dada don't always get my point. I'll clearly request Mama's presence when Dada comes in to get me in the morning, but I often find myself having to point to the picture of her above my crib to get my point across. Yet he STILL doesn't get her. What's with these adults?!

I also am a big fan of "SHHHHH" while holding one finger in front of my lips. The most fun is when you go "SSSSHHHHHH" and then follow it with a big SCREAAAAMMMM!!!! That's really funny. And while we're talking about noises, I LOVE to DRUM and KNOCK. I'll drum anywhere I can, and I'll also knock as often as I can. Usually on the dinner table and always on a closed door!

This month was the introduction of something we call a "time out." I'm NOT a fan. And I've found that no matter how many times you sign "all done please" you have to stay there until the timer goes off. So, I pass the time by singing and drumming in my time out spot. Lately I've decided that some things are just too much fun to pass up, so I gladly have my fun and then go sit myself in time out and sing until it's time to leave time out. I've heard some talk about how "this isn't going according to plan" so maybe these silly time outs will soon be a thing of the past. Right?!

The biggest news this month is that my last tooth broke through the gum yesterday. Mama did a silly little happy dance and keeps talking about how this will hopefully help the "drool situation." Let me tell you, I really hope it helps the drool situation. You know how hard it is to give the cute girls kisses when you are covered in drool?! And I'm soooo tired of hearing "he drools much." Enough already! But I'm not sure why Mama is so excited to have this last tooth out... little does she know I'm working on a little something I like to call my two-year-molars now. I mean, I gotta have something to complain about right?! Shhhh.... don't tell my Mama though, I don't want to crush her quite yet.

Now, I haven't really bought into this sippy cup concept, but I'm thinking about it. But after months of boycotting straws as well, I finally gave in. If only they had put a smoothie on the other end of that straw sooner...

The other thing I'm working on is the potty, much to Mama's shock and dismay. She claims we're not ready for potty training. Ha! We've had the potty around pretty much since I came home so I could "be familiar with it." Well, I showed them. I've decided that the potty is the perfect place to hang out and read some books. So now I regularly ask to go potty when I feel the need to mix up the day. Hey, at the very least it gets me out of that diaper for a bit. It's backfired on me a couple of times when something has actually happened on the potty as well. Especially since there are no candy treats like all my friends say there should be. Eh. We'll see... next week I think I'll be bored of the potty again.

So, I think that brings us pretty much up to date. I probably forgot a couple of things... but hey, I am only 18 months old! Hope you all enjoyed the update.

That's that for now... I've got some more trouble I need to cause!