Love List #2

Even though it's been a long, rough week... I realized this afternoon I have a lot of things to be grateful/happy about. Reason enough to do a love list! • LOVE that we had a fabulous playdate in the neighborhood today. LOVE that Spencer took a two hour nap afterwards. I also LOVE that the host of the playdate didn't bat an eye when Spencer spilled a whole mug of coffee on the cream carpet.

LOVE that I was able to make corn muffins during nap and get the chili for dinner sort of started. (Not to mention two loads of laundry and a load of dishes finished.)

LOVE that we met with a Korean exchange student at a nearby ELS center. LOVE how sweet she was. LOVE that she's excited to help us with some translations. LOVE that everyone at the ELS center enjoyed all of Spencer's antics (and his kimchi shirt of course!)

LOVE that I was able to break out the little bit of Korean I know (including the phrase "I only know a little Korean") and got many appreciative murmurs and lots of undeserved praise.

LOVE that we did another hanbok photoshoot and it came out much better than the last attempt. (You'll see soon enough!)

LOVE that I've perfected my jap chae. LOVE that there is cabbage pickling in the fridge.

LOVE how this photograph of Spencer in the outfit his Foster Mother gave him makes me laugh... it's finally starting to fit!


LOVE this photo as well.


• And most of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my sister and her boyfriend walked away from a [potentially horrendous] car accident last night. (On vacation none-the-less)