Really, the last thing I should be doing is blogging right now... I have about 1,000 emails to get back to people on, a disaster of a house, no idea what's happening for dinner... and a project that really needs "attending to" since I plan to announce it tomorrow. Add on top of that I have a sick boy who just wants to cry... and I'm under the weather... which means I have to work very hard to keep my cool. (I'm not good at being sick). Oh, and those unresolved issues I mentioned last weekend?! Still unresolved. So really, I have no right to be blogging. But this image below just makes me laugh. Doesn't it look like he's just saying "hey"?!


And just in case you are worried that he's calmed down a little, this immediately followed, complete with a squeal:



I think he must be very excited for his Dada's birthday today!