Black & White Wednesday

My bloggy friend Lisa introduced me to this last week with some amazing photos of her [utterly adorable] daughter. This week she shared some pictures of her [amazingly handsome] son. Last week, I thought "this would be really cool to do" This week I thought "I'm doing it!" As Lisa so eloquently put it:

The concept behind it is brilliant as it invites photographers from across the spectrum ( meaning amateur newbies like me who just like to snap pics. of their munchkins and wish to learn more about photography ~ to professional photographers and everyone in between too! ) to share photos in black & white collectively.

For those that knew me way back in the day, you know I used to live for shooting my [non-digital] SLR, processing, and printing. I lived for B&W photography. These days, it's just an extra step I don't often take. But, there's something about a black and white photo that makes my heart flutter... so I'm going to try. I find that I am really good at clicking away, but not so good at editing and refining. I've been looking for a photo challenge that makes me think a little more, both behind the camera and in front of the computer. I can't guarantee I'll play along every week... and I can't guarantee you'll always see this guy... but it will be a challenge I am excited to try.

This week, my photo is simply "wanting." Wanting to see more trucks. Wanting to get closer. Wanting mama to stop taking photos while trying to appreciate the trucks (do you see the hint of irritation on his face?!). I hope to never forget the fascination my little boy holds for trucks right now. How amazing it his that he can hear them when they are still so. far. away. How he runs to the window screaming "GA! GA!" And remains there until long after it's disappeared from sight... so desperately wanting it to come back. Oh sweet boy, I'd give you all the trucks in the world if I could.


For those of you who were expecting me to be wordless this week... no worries... I will be!

Any other photo challenges I should know about?!