Too Cool for School

It's been a crazy end of the week... and not really a "we're having so much fun I have no time to blog" kind of crazy. A crazy that leaves me dealing with cr@p and BS from people I shouldn't have to take it from. I spent most of Wednesday and almost all of Thursday on the phone to get nowhere. Except for the land of the incredibly angry. I'm still pretty disgusted and I can feel the anger starting to seep from my pores just thinking about it. Ick. Friday I resolved one of the three issues, but am not looking forward to resolving the other two (hopefully) on Monday. Anyway...

Poor little guy had to spend a lot of time entertaining himself while I tried to get things sorted out. He could tell that I wasn't in a good mood (even though I was *really* trying to keep myself in check in front of him). So he kept trying to make me laugh. At one point I turned around and saw this:



There's just something so "Spencer" about these two pictures...

He picked these sunglasses out at T@rget the other day, and LOVES them. He can't stop wearing them. Which is ironic since he fought me on all the sunglasses I tried to get him to wear this past summer. Oh well. He also likes to play "peekaboo" with them... which is hysterical.

So that's where we're at. Soon I hope to have lots of really good posts... with all sorts of fun things!

[And I didn't catch up on back posts by the end of this month like I said I would... but I'm close!]