Love List

One of my "beebees" (Spencer's word for "blog buddies" aka "BBs"), Janet, does a Love Friday post every week. I always find them so wonderful and filled with positive reflection and optimism. While I know that I'm not going to be able to keep up a weekly post, I did feel compelled to create a "Love List" after reflecting back on the past week this morning. So, here goes: • LOVE that Spencer has made it habit to give Mama big smooches when he's happy. They're kisses complete with face grabbing (and turning if necessary), "puckered" lips, and complete concentration on landing the kiss squarely on my lips. And of course, it's accompanied by the "mmmmwwwwaaaa" sound. [I should note that he's been giving kisses for months now, but this is the first sign of him relating them with the feeling of "oh, I'm so happy I could just kiss you!" And it's never been quite so "intense."]

LOVE that Spencer is also all about giving Roxy hugs and kisses these days. Unfortunately, she's not always a willing recipient... but at least he's not "patting" her as hard as he can anymore.

LOVE that we have had a 10 STRAIGHT DAYS of good sleep (yeah, yeah... I'm jinxing it... whatever. Bad sleep is the norm around here). This means he goes down without "serious" crying, sleeps through the night, and wakes up babbling (instead of screaming like someone is torturing him).

LOVE that we are making good progress towards one nap a day. Yeah, we backslide here and there, but we've had several one-long-nap days this week.

LOVE that Spencer entertained himself with his toys for a half hour this morning. (A first!) And I had coffee all by myself and vegetated.

LOVE that when he was done playing alone he came over and grabbed my hand to bring me back to play with him. LOVE that he also did this at Gym*boree when he wanted to explore a new "station." YAY for attachment.

LOVE that his Gym*boree teacher came up with the perfect nickname for him: Bam-Bam. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he was rearranging the slides at the time.)

LOVE that Spencer is becoming more of a Dada's boy. He loves waving bye-bye to him and skyping with him during the day.

LOVE that he's also becoming a little jokester. Boy, are we in trouble... I think we may have a comedian on our hands.

LOVE that he has all but one tooth through the gums! (Many are not completely in, but at least they broke through!)

LOVE that we had an awesome adoptee experience in the mall that went like this: Spencer and I were shopping at the mall on Friday. I saw a group of teenage boys as I entered the Baby*Gap, but didn't think much of it... When I came out though, one of the boys broke away and came up to me. He asked if my son was adopted. Then asked if he was from Korea. I answered to the affirmative to both of those, albeit a little nervously since I wasn't too sure where this was going. Upon hearing Spencer was a Korean adoptee, he exclaimed "ROCK ON!! Me too!!" and gave Spencer a high five. It was incredible to see an obviously "cool" kid break away from his friends to make Spencer's day better. (And boy, did Spencer get his day made when a BIG kid gave him a high five!) Not to mention, as an AP it's really refreshing to see a happy, seemingly well-adjusted kid take pride in his history and openly share it.