TV Time

We're having what we call a "survival day" here... I woke up SICK this morning (at 5:20, when my alarm across the hall went off). As if that wasn't bad enough, Spencer has been in a _lot_ of pain with his teeth today and only wants to be held. (Which yes, I do enjoy on one level, but not when I'm feeling like crap.) Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the dog started throwing up all over. In case you were wondering, it's no fun to try to clean up after that when all you want to do is crawl under the covers and you are trying to explain to a hysterical little boy why you can't hold him and he just needs to sit next to you for a few minutes. So you might be wondering what the heck all that has to do with TV Time??? Well...

If the Truth were to be told (and that is how we do it around here) I'd tell you that there are times that I wish my kid was just a little bit more into the TV. While I know I should be grateful that he could care less about the TV, there are times that a Mama could use a little freedom that the TV provides. And today?! Today I really could have used a couch potato day. But no. I have the kid that might pause to dance to a commercial or two... and maybe watch a few minutes of Elmos*World... but otherwise it's a resounding no-thank-you-i'd-much-rather-terrorize-the-dog-jump-off-the-couch-climb-the-chandelier reaction here. Seriously. It's like I'm asking him to eat his vegetables. No wait, he likes his vegetables.... It's like I'm asking him to clean up his toys or something equally horrid. Really?! Why won't you succumb to the allure of the furry red monster, or the purple dinosaur, or the gabbas... or ANYTHING?!

Now, before I alienate all of you... let me make it clear that I wouldn't just plop him down in front of the TV for hours at a time, or hours at all... just when I really needed him to just sit still for a few minutes so I could empty the dishwasher, start the dinner, swap the laundry... all things I really don't need his "help" with. He's also not a self-entertainer. He doesn't just sit and play with his toys or read his books. He's more of an "adventure" guy which means I've constantly got to have an eye on him. (But I'm sure that doesn't really surprise any of you.) I try to relish all the [all-day-long] moments of "Mama dis" as he carries/drags something over for us to play/read/do together (really - I do!) but... sometimes, just sometimes—like today perhaps—it would be nice to have him just sit. And be still. Even if it is in front of the "boob tube."

There, I said it.