Unfinished Business

I seem to have a lot of unfinished business in my blog drafts folder. An embarrassing amount actually. So one of my New Year's "intentions" is to finish up all of those old posts... by the end of January. Hmm. This should be interesting. I'll be posting some of them as "Reflecting On" posts since they are, well, that outdated. Ahem. But since this is our *only* journal of Spencer's life with us, I feel it's important. I apologize in advance for filling your readers up. (See how optimistic I am?!) My first order of business is this giveaway. Remember it?! So much for that "announcing a winner on the 23rd" But really... Who knew we were going to go through sleep troubles again though?! And then the holidays...whoo! I'm exhausted just thinking back on that. So, very belatedly... we have a winner! Jen Debin! No cute video though since someone took off running with the bucket of names before picking. Jen, I'll email you to confirm if you want bubbles or a gift card.

Next order of business. I'm not going to jinx myself and talk about sleep... but I didn't have any idea how good some of you mamas had it! Seven to seven ... wow... it's like the world became technicolor. Wow. Just wow. For those of you who are still where I was a couple of days ago... it's worth the wait. Trust me.

Third order of business. As some of you guessed, we're going to try to give up daytime "babas" around here. I mentioned a little while back that Spencer was using a sippy cup. Well, it seems as though that was short-lived, and for the past month-ish he's been boycotting them. Meaning that we are back on bottles all the time here. Which is tedious. (He's also boycotting anything but milk... but that's for another day.) So, Spencer is almost one week into his New Year's resolution, and doing very well! He gets his night time bottle, but then only sippy cups for the rest of the day. The first day was tough. Very tough. But by the third day he finally got it. Good going S!

Onto some more business. You gals had some questions from the Wordless Wednesday series. First, "does he actually manage to eat any?" Surprisingly, yes. Even more surprisingly, it's all with his fingers. We're trying to become a little more "utensil friendly" but we're not quite there yet. [I'm not using the royal "we" - he is not keen on them, and I'm too lazy about it to fight him on it] After a few spoonfuls, he just dug in with his hand and probably finished 1/2 to 2/3 that way... funny guy. The next question was "off to the bath next?!" Nope. Just a wuick change of clothes and a wipe down with some wipes and he was good to go. I'm a big fan of the hug*gies diaper wipes... they work awesome as kitchen wipes here. And the other question, "where did the curls go?!" Sigh. I was really hoping to avoid that. He got a haircut this past weekend. Let's just say the interpretation of my direction of "just a trim" was misunderstood. Yes, it's a very cute haircut, but just not my favorite. I hope it grows quick. Really quick. There are still some curls in there, but with the dry weather, and always needing a hat for the morning dog walk... well, the curls are kind of in hibernation it seems. Also, it's not a great haircut for his hair type. That said, he loved the actual haircut experience, so I guess it was a win?! It was a kids salon near my parents' house where he got to sit in an airplane, watch Sesame Street on his own personal tv set, and play with a train table. Now, I just need to find a place like that up here.

On that note, I'll leave you with a cute photo from today's yogurt adventure: