The Truth...

And nothing but! I actually had a whole other topic bouncing around in my head... but after a FULL TWELVE HOURS of sleep from Mr. Spencer last night (a first!) where he slept past 7am (another first!) I think that today my truth is this:

As much as I complain and whine sometimes about the "little" things [like sleep, teeth, etc] I never lose sight of the really big thing... that I would shoulder it all ten-fold time and time again to ensure that this little guy knows how much he is loved.


[He doesn't look so sure, does he?]

Another truth:

I'm really excited to have found our court petition in our mailbox upon our return from all of our travels. This means that once we get it sent in, we just have to wait for a court date to be assigned to us. Rumor has it that it's no short wait, so we're still setting our sights on late spring/early summer. I've found some peace in that. This has not been the smoothest process for us (to put it nicely) but the other day I realized something. We had a ridiculously short wait between acceptance and travel, so I think here's where we're "evening out the score." It doesn't make me happy that we probably won't finalize until after we have been home a year, but it does make me realize that all-in-all, I win in the trade-off.