Our "Little Seoul"

[Apologies to all of my Face*book friends... you are probably tired of this topic by now...] One of my favorite sites is Little Seouls. I love all the products they carry, and seem to have an ongoing wish list in my mind. They also have a fabulous blog. On said blog, they have a baby of the month contest... and guess who won for January!? Spencer! I saw the news on Face*book first... what an exciting way to start the day. I showed Spencer the link and he immediately signed "more" ... is this his way of telling me he would like a modeling career?


While we are on the topic of Little Seouls, I want to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite products from there, the Packin' Smart Stack-N-Seal. This product has literally changed my life. (And no, I am not exaggerating) I tote it with me everywhere. Most days it has a variety of snacks in it... but occasionally I'll use it to pack lunch components. It's great to have so many options, but in such a compact format. (It fits perfectly in the corner of my diaper bag.) I love that I can twist off the sections as I need them, especially when it comes to lunch items... I can "hide" the dessert ones in my bag until he eats something of substance. I have people constantly stopping me when they see it, asking me where I got it... at T@rget, at restaurants, at Gym*boree, at the mall, on the playground...

So if this product happens to be on your wish list fellow moms, I highly recommend it! (And just for the record, this isn't a "paid" advertisement. I just love. this. product. Almost as much as Spencer loves his hangul magnets. And have meaning to blog about it for some time now.)

And on a random note : today is 01.02.2010... it's a palindrome!