Lots of stuff to talk about...

... but so little time. So here's one random post for you. Apologies... but it kind of reflects my mind at the moment... First

We had our first "major" storm of the winter. I don't know what the "official" tally was... but in the several places I measured, we had over 18" of snow. And there were drifts against the house and fence (not to mention the "plow piles") that were probably up to four feet. We did take Spencer out to "play" in it a little. I'll try to post some video on that soon... don't get too excited. He didn't really "dive right in" to the experience. We considered him "on the fence" still. Until this morning, when the following happened:

I let Roxy out to go to the bathroom. Since we've got so much snow, I've been letting her out the basement door so she doesn't have to go down the icy deck stairs. I had Spencer in my arms. I stepped out into the yard since I lost sight of Roxy and wanted to make sure she was ok. Spencer immediately put the death grip on me and started to whimper. I think it's safe to say he's "all done" with the snow. I was certain when he tried to throw his snow boots out. Poor kiddo.

We also had a snafu with our "plow guy" which left us all snowed in this morning... luckily a neighbor gave us the number for his "plow guy" and we were plowed out by 11 am. Whew! There was NO way we would have been able to shovel a 90+ foot driveway with that sort of snow on it.


I have about one million things I want to blog about with Spencer. Sigh.

I'll probably do a longer post on Spencer soon... but for now a little peek into what I deal with on a regular basis...

Today I was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes and I turned around to find Spencer on the [bar height] kitchen table. Opening presents. Just sitting up there like he's been doing it for all his days. Now, they weren't his presents. And luckily they also weren't breakable. But still.  (And no, there are no photos...that is an image I do not need to photograph... it is seared to my brain.) So really, how does one babyproof that?!

This is my notice that at this rate, we will not be ready for Christmas.


A little background on the birthday party...

Yes, I was stressed. But not about the actual party. I LOVE that stuff. Love, love, love, it. (Who was serious about getting me to help on future parties!?) OK, maybe I was a little stressed out... but the good kind of stressed. I thrive on a certain amount of "creative stress." Unfortunately, there was also a lot of bad stress:

A week and a half before the party, we ended rushing Doug to the hospital where he was admitted for 6 days. (I won't go into details, but it was bad.) Which left me to finish everything for the party on my own, visit Doug daily, and handle all baby care. (This was following a month where Doug had a TON of business travel, so I was really worn down going into this "final sprint.") Add in the fact that Spencer was in one of the worst sleep cycles we had seen (because I was a mess, I'm sure), even now I can remember just how bad it was. There were a couple of days that I was going on NO sleep. Because when I finally got him down, I was too wired to fall asleep. And the only way I was getting him to nap was walking him in the carrier. I clearly remember having him in the carrier, totally exhausted, trying to figure out how to prop myself and my pillow against the wall... sobbing the whole time. Luckily, I have some of the most amazing neighbors who juggled their schedules to accommodate my needs with very short notice. I felt like some of them literally jumped through hoops to help me. Oh, and I had a HUGE freelance job that kicked off late and fell at the same time. I think I billed 20 hours the week before the party to boot? Wow, thinking back to that time reminds me how good I have it now!

So, yes. I was stressed.

And yes, we had 39 kids. I only count 34 in the photos... so I'm not sure if we had some no-shows?! I honestly don't remember. The guest count was 68. Insane. I know. But we had so much support and love throughout our journey, we really wanted all of our friends to be invited to celebrate with us. So we just jumped in with both feet. I figured I had no idea what I was getting myself into, so I was blissfully naive. It was [honestly] not that bad. Would I do it again?! Probably. But remember... I have a summer birthday boy and a nice, big, fenced in yard. Perfect.

And those party favors?! I totally bargain shopped those. Don't you worry about that. ;-)

And that's all for now.

A very long post with no photos... boring! I promise to post some photos soon!