17th on the 17th

{Thank you all so much for the very sweet comments on Spencer's announcement. It makes all the designing, printing, trimming, and mailing worth it!}

Spencer celebrated his 17th month birthday today... Wow, time flies. The 17th is a very special date in this house (as some of you may recall reading before). We received our referral call on his 7-month birthday, February 17th, and our travel call on his 9-month birthday, April 17th. So I love when his birth date rolls around every month since it brings back all those happy memories as well.

Some refer to the birthday where you turn the age of your birth date as the "golden birthday." While, I'm pretty sure that they are referring to years, and not months, I'm also celebrating his "golden monthday." (Yes, I totally made that up.) Mostly because the idea of Spencer being 17 years old one day almost makes me sick. I'm so not ready for that... good thing it's a long way off!

I could post all the things he's doing now... but I think I will save that for another day. Instead, on his "special day" I'm *finally* posting his birthday party photos. What's more appropriate than that?! And read to the end for a special little something something...

Spencer's First Birthday Party

{A HUGE thank you to Jen & Greg who not only saved our @sses the day of with final preparation and decorating (since Spencer decided not to nap that morning), but also acted as photographer and kept me in the loop as to what was happening at my own party... and delivered "you survived" hugs at the end. Love you guys ... for many more reasons than just that!}


[The Invite... another Christine original - of course!]


[The Party's Here!]


[In my mind... no party is complete without lots of balloons...]


[Or paper lanterns...]


[Hung everywhere...]


[...and scattered about.]


[Homemade Birthday Banners...]


[Inside and Out.]


[And we can't forget about...]


[... the tissue paper "puffs"]


[That I *still* haven't taken down!]


[Party favors for all 39 kids...]


[...each with his favorite things.]


[We had the Tol Table,]


[complete with photo,]


[and our interpretation of the "fruit towers."]



[All sorts of rice cakes...]


[...but only 6 in all, not 12 like is customary.]


[And an Oreo Tower of course!]


[...little magnets...]


[As well as all the Tol items.]


[And an "information sheet" so everyone would know the significance of everything!] (If anyone would like me to post the questions and answers... just let me know...)

We also had his hanbok hanging above the Tol table (since it's still waaaayyyy to big):


[And by "way too big," I mean the pants are just a little shorter than he is!]


We had a Toljabee:




For those of you who don't know what a Toljabee is, this is the description we had out for guests to read:

Before cake, we will perform a traditional Toljabee. In this event, the birthday child goes around the table and picks up items that attract him or her. The child’s future is predicted according to the item he or she grabs. After placing the child in front of the table, the child’s father becomes the guide for the child to go around the table and grab whatever he or she wants. The first and second items the child grabs are considered the most important. Usually Korean parents place the items that they want the child to choose near to the edge of the table. Rooting for Spencer to choose your preferred item is allowed. :-)

We also had this out next to the items on the Tol table:

What do the different items mean? thread: the child will live a long life book: the child will become a successful scholar won (money): the child will become rich ruler: the child will be talented with his/her hands brush: the child will be creative stethescope: the child will heal others mouse: the child will be technologically skilled

Now, before I continue inundating you with photos... a funny little story.

Doug placed Spencer down, and he immediately walked over to the ottoman and grabbed the ... won! Without hesitation. The whole room (which was filled with about 60 people) erupted into cheers and applause. This caused Spencer to drop the money and run back to Doug. It took a little convincing... but we got him back to the table to pick his other two items... the brush (yes!) and the thread... which he held onto for a good long time. The Toljabee was one of the few things I got on video and I am so very glad... it was priceless. So it looks like we will have a rich, creative son who should live a long life. We'll take it!


[The "picks."]

Then it was time for the cake!














Whew! That was a LOT of cake eating!


[After all the "party obligations" were fulfilled... it was time to "party down" in the pools and on the slip-n-slides!]


Spencer spent the next two hours having a BLAST playing with all his friends... so what if he accidentally "pantsed" one? Right?! He proved to be quite a party animal that day! So much so that we didn't even open presents until the next day. (Which is something we may continue doing until the kids hold a protest) He got way to many presents. So much for the "just your presence" concept... The best part was how much fun everyone else had... we heard how much people enjoyed themselves for weeks... and the kids still ask about the "tol" and if we are going to have another one (I hope they mean party and not kid) ... I love that!

WOW! Did you make it through all of that?!

Well, in honor of Spencer's "golden monthday" ... we're doing another little giveaway!

You may have noticed that there were bubbles in Spencer's goodie pails. Bubbles are one of his absolute favorite things. And have been for as long as he's been with us. So, we're giving away a set of the *best* bubbles we've found yet:


And, since we don't want the fun to end for you anytime soon... a refill too!

Now, if you don't have any use for bubbles... the prize will be a $10 gift card to our favorite store. Can you guess which one it is?! That's right... Target!

To enter, just comment on this post. I was tempted to have you comment about your favorite birthday memory but I decided to make it easier... and all you have to do is comment to be entered!

We'll have the drawing on December 23rd at 7 pm.

Good luck and thanks for playing!