Not Very Magical

I notice that I haven't been very good about recording magical moments... and, you know, I think it's because I haven't really seen any. I don't know if it's because life with a toddler in tow doesn't allow for much "taking in of the scenery" these days... or if there is just less magic around this season? While the holidays are not nearly as grueling or "suck-y" as they were last year... I'm just not into them this year. Which is really very sad. I'm hoping that my holiday spirit catches up with me. I'm not stressed out... all of my holiday cards are out, the tree is up, the shopping is [almost] done... what is my problem?! Oh well. On a positive note... I did see something magical over the weekend while I was in Boston. My friend, Jen, and I had just come out of P0ttery B@rn (which in itself could be magical... browsing in PB for over half an hour?!) and what did we see?!

A bunch of carolers... caroling "city-style"... all aboard decorated bikes, dressed up in costumes and hats, singing carols and waving all the way. I'd guess that there were about 30 of them? It was a moment where we both briefly considered trying to get a shot with our iPh0nes... but decided that we wouldn't get them out in time and we didn't want to miss it.

Now, I just hope I see a couple more things like this before the season is over! Have you, dear readers, witnessed any holiday magic of your own?!