Just in case...

... any of my readers *don't* think I'm in over my head... I conducted the following experiment:

  1. Set the timer for ten minutes.
  2. Then let Spencer loose in a completely clean house.

Here's what happened:



[Please know that the dogfood container is about 14 feet away from where it lives.]

*And this*



*And this*


*And this*


[And this table is about 5 feet away from where it should be... he pushed it around the family room before settling it here. He then put his bin up there before climbing up.]

And I wonder why I'm always exhausted at the end of the day?!

*     *     *

These next three shots are not from today, but I couldn't not share them...




[You may notice that he emptied the drawer out behind him before climbing in as well.]


If that wasn't enough... Spencer's working very hard on his jumping. Yes, I realize that it's ridiculously early, but he IS jumping. Doug and I can't believe it... over Thanksgiving weekend he was pretty consistently "jumping with assistance." Propping himself on tables and chairs and getting mad air. (He almost propelled himself out of the tub last Sunday.) Then on Wednesday he was just goofing around, dancing, and jumped (both feet off the ground) on accident. After a few moments of complete awe, he tried to replicate it. He's been successful a couple of times since then, and this morning he figured out that if he "winds up" with bouncing, he can get there. Soooo close!!

He's also successfully climbed — and descended — the staircase "big boy style" all on his own. (With a spotter mind you!) He's flat out refused to do it any other way, so I finally gave in and we've been practicing. Most times he gets bored half way through (the staircase is twenty steps) and just crumples. Which is dangerous (as you can imagine). So I'm very excited that we've got some serious progress on this front. He won't be allowed to do the stairs on his own for years probably... but I enjoy not having an "argument" every time we need to switch levels in the house! (Because of course he doesn't want me to carry him...)

Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about all of this...