First Snow

I had a long post planned in my mind... but yet again I find myself at 10 pm and nothing written. So I'll skip over how much sleep I got (10 hours!!! Thank you hubby!!) and how much I got done today (LOTS!) and get right to the good stuff. Last night we had a dusting of snow. When Doug and Spencer came down this morning, Doug showed him the "winter wonderland" outside. To which Spencer looked at and responded "Baba!" (bottle/milk) Thinking he was hungry, Doug brought him in to the kitchen to get his morning bottle. When Spencer continued to stare longingly out the back sliding door, occassionally stating "Baba," he began to realize that Spencer thought there was milk over the entire world. Sadly he was mistaken.

After breakfast we threw on some winter clothes and headed out to see what Spencer would make of the snow...


[I just don't understand why they would waste the Baba this way...]


[Wait... you want me to play in it?!]


[Up, please.]


[When asked if he liked playing in the snow : "No."]

Sigh. Hopefully it grows on him. Something tells me this isn't the last we're going to see of the snow. Next time we'll try again!