Fa La La

One of the things that marks the season for me is holiday music. I'm kind of a sucker for it... with the exception of that damn donkey song. Some of you may remember my obsession with this group last year:

That song was my definitive holiday song last year. Meaning, when I heard it, it was Christmas. A contemporary version of an old classic. It instantly replaced the B@renaked Ladies and Sarah McL@chlan's version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" which had top spot since it came out... I liked it that much. Not that I would admit it publicly (blog aside), but I was playing SNC's album on November 1st this year. And I was instantly in the holiday spirit.

Now that Spencer is home, I've been noticing a significant increase in the amount of music played here. Which means that even my favorite songs are beginning to grate. on. my. nerves. So I was thrilled when Am@zon announced that they were doing the 25 Days of Free again this year. Every day from December 1st until Christmas, they will be offering a holiday song for free! (And they stay up for the entire period... so you don't have to go every day to take advantage of this.) I believe that is how I discovered one of my other favorite holiday cds last year. (Please note: some of this cd may be offensive to some, but I suggest the song "I Celebrate the Day" to all.) Regardless, I found that even when I had the most "bah humbugs" of day a little music would put me in a better mood and sometimes even remind me of what the season is *really* about. Not to mention I'm a sucker for "free" ... that always makes me feel better!

I haven't decided if "12 Days" will be my "definitive" holiday song again this year or not... so I'll be looking to the 25 days of downloads for inspiration.

What's YOUR favorite holiday song?