Wordless Wednesday : Mama's Hat

[Anyone else notice that this boy has a thing for his mama's hats!? The blurriness is a result of me shaking trying not to laugh...]


[Hat on: Check.]


[Thumbs up from mama: Check.]


[Alright, let's go!]

And my magical holiday moment of the day... while shopping at the local food market, we heard the "sleigh bells ring, are you listening" verse of that popular holiday song. Spencer turned and looked at me, smiled... then swayed back and forth in time to the music. Throw in a few twirls and you had a whole performance. It was pretty darn adorable. He had several other shoppers smiling too, which made it all the more special. A moment in time where a whole aisle stood still and watched a bliss-filled little boy let the music move him. His own little way of spreading some holiday JOY this season!

OK - not so wordless after all. Sigh.