Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wowee... I did not expect to get this behind! So now I find myself trying to wade through a bunch of "partial posts." At least photos don't go bad! A week ago Spencer woke up with a runny nose. No big deal... it's usually a sign of teething for him (which is non-stop in case you didn't notice) No big deal until other cold symptoms started showing up... by Wednesday he was officially nursing a cold, but you certainly couldn't tell based on his disposition. Still the same happy-go-lucky, non-stop, charming kid. So imagine my surprise when I looked in his mouth that evening and saw that all four molars were working their way through the gums and one of his eye teeth had popped out! (He only had the two top molars halfway out by this point) Of course, we've kind of stalled at that point and the attitude has caught up to the fact that he's teething. So has the sleep. So we're back to the no-sleep lifestyle for a little while. Sigh. I can't wait for this to be over. Unfortunately, the cold also progressed so we've had some ups and downs this past week... but for the most part, he's really been a trooper. Go Spencer!

He also celebrated his first Thanksgiving!! It was a nice, quiet, simple, low-key day. My mom came up on Monday so we had an extra set of hands to help wrangle the boy, the bird, and everything else. So, without further ado...

After getting the turkey in the oven, the stuffing in the slow cooker, and the vegetables cut up, we decided it was time for a nap. At least for Spencer. When he woke up he was all ready to PAR-TAY. So we put on some music and boogied down...


[We rocked...]


[We rolled...]


[We rocked some more...]

Note the beautiful hand-me-down rocker from my cousin O. It's a **huge** hit, although you can't tell from his expression... he was engrossed in the M@cy's Day parade! We're working on some better pictures.

Of course, we had to go outside and get a few pics (in his H&M sweater I found in Chicago!)...


[Hi Mama!]


[Is that turkey ready yet?!]


[Hmmm... what am I thankful for this year???]

A photo of my turkey (which I've been told is the "best one yet" ... I wouldn't know since I don't like turkey... blegh):


And one (again) of all my turkeys:


Now while Spencer may *look* very enthusiastic here, when it came to actually eating the meal... he wanted nothing to do with it. He did, however, put away his fair share of apple pie. That's my boy!

And what did we do with the real leftovers?! We made Turkey Stock of course!