And the Winner Is...

Sorry for the delay... we never got around to this last night [read: Spencer was having a teething-related breakdown] so we did it after nap today. Oh well, such is life with a toddler - right?! Spencer and I did the drawing old school... no random number generators for us! I love when people video the actual drawing, so I'm following suit.

A few funny things I noticed as I was uploading the video:

1. One of the entries fell out of the bowl and Spencer picked it up and put it back. Never even noticed that at the time...

2. I sound really excited for one person, and not so much for the other... that is not a reflection of my feelings in any way, shape, or form. It's probably me getting distracted by Spencer. I'm equally excited for you both!!

3. I absolutely *love* my face in the video still ... UGH.

CONGRATS SUE (of Finding our Sunshine) AND REBECCA (of RJP life)!

I'll email you both tomorrow to get your addresses, and get your prize sent out pronto!

I'll be posting all the answers to the questions next weekend, I'm having a blast answering them! AND...

Look for another raffle soon!

(Gosh, could I use any more exclamation points?!)

*   *   *

In other news:

As of this morning. we've got almost $50 dollars going to Tenth Life! If you haven't yet, please go comment on this post.

And while we're talking about that... I totally didn't intend to make it a "pat myself on the back publicly" situation. I'm more a do-er than a check writer when it comes to stuff like this. Doing has become incredibly difficult since Spencer's arrival. This was just a way to make it a little more fun for me. Because c'mon... I was going to donate anyway! Will I donate more this way? Absolutely. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I've loved reading your comments. You have all reminded me of so many things I take for granted that I shouldn't. So thank you.