16 Things

park_vintage Today Spencer turns 16 months old! In honor of that, here's 16 things he's doing now.

1. Running everywhere. Even if it's just from the living room to the kitchen. And he's FAST.

2. Climbing everything. Ladders are his current fave... to tree houses, to slides, in Gymboree. If there is a ladder, he's on it.

3. Drinking out of a sippy cup!!! I give Colin, Olive, and Poppy the credit for this one. They must have told him it's what all the cool kids were doing while we were in Chicago!

4. "Telling" me when he needs a diaper change (for #2). This consists of holding his diaper and running for the baby gate to go upstairs. If I don't get the hint quickly enough, he starts pulling on his pants and diaper while looking extremely uncomfortable.

5. Asking to go "ni-ni" (night-night). Again, this is at the baby gate, but this time he's pointing and saying "Ni Ni."

6. Signs "please." (this is very new, and works like a charm!)

7. Is working hard on his words. He now says: Mama, Dada, Baba (Bottle & Button), Mo (More), Ah Do (All Done and sometimes "I do it"), DooDa (Doodles), BehBee (Belly), Pee (Please), Ack Oo (Thank You), BuhBye, BuhBuh (Bubbles), Hi, and a couple of others that I can't remember right now. He's kind of just taken off in the verbal department, and we couldn't be more thrilled! He also "babbles" all. day. long.

8. Is [finally!] sleeping through the night. We have our hiccups here and there, but more often than not, he goes from 7 ish to 6 ish ... YAY!!! Of course, this means we're still figuring out naps... but I'll take my victories where I can!

9. Charms the pants off everyone. The boy knows how to work it. I fear I am in big trouble during the high school years.

10. Is still happy eating sans utensils. Utensils just slow him down... which means I have a whole new repertoire of "food you can eat with your fingers."

11. Loves his "Goodnight Our World" books. Also loves any book with dogs or trucks in it. But only for a few minutes at a time... he's got places to go and people to see you know! (He's also a fan of his photo album, and loves to sit and look at his picture of Doug and I, and repeat "Mama" over and over and over again. Please see #9.)

12. Still only has 8 teeth. We have two molars halfway through, the other two about to pop through, and an eye tooth on it's way. Which means there's lots and lots of drool around here. Among other things that go along with teething. I plan on throwing a party when we are done with this mess.

13. Is a dance-dance-dancing machine. He will dance wherever and whenever the mood strikes him. He will dance to muzak in stores, commercials in the living room, the center mat of Gymboree... wherever! His "routine" consists of a lot of bopping, twirling, and foot stomping.

14. Loves fishies! In the aquarium, as artwork, and even the famous Pepperidge Farm snack.

15. Likes emptying things out. Toy bins, drawers, you name it. Not so fond of putting things back.

16. Giving lots of love and hugs and smiles. He can make my day simply by looking up from what he's doing and breaking into the happiest, most genuine, smile. It's as if he's thinking, "Oh look - you're HERE!" And often times it's followed up with running over and giving me a BIG hug. He just gave Dada his first hug over the weekend, so we're getting there. It's truly priceless, and perhaps my favorite thing he's doing right now.


[Even with the unfortunate shadow on his face, that smile gets me everytime!]


[Playing with the pebbles... a favorite activity of late]


[Even with all the snots and drool... I just can't get enough of this boy!]

Happy 16th Month Spencer!

PS - Did anyone notice that this is not only posted, but posted on the actual date of his birthday?! I think I've only done that one other time... at ten months! Yay me!