As of this afternoon, I've had 25,500 hits on this site. Wow. That kind of blows my mind! It means you all find Spencer cute enough, or me entertaining enough, to keep coming back. (I know which one it is and my feelings aren't hurt at all.) I think that calls for a little bit of a celebration, giveaway style. (This seems to be a theme with some of my buddies lately as well... huh?!) I've been racking my brain trying to think of a good [exciting] giveaway. One that was a little unique. And then Spencer ended up coming up with the idea. (You can say it literally dropped in my lap) How about a copy of one of Spencer's favorite books? (Brand new, and non-nibbled in case you were wondering)

Leave a comment below to be entered and Spencer and I will do the drawing next Friday evening. And to make it a little more fun [for me more than anyone else probably] leave a question for me (or Spencer)  in your comment and I'll answer them over the Thanksgiving weekend. It can be Spencer-related, adoption-related, or life-related. (But appropriate for a family-friendly public blog please!)

And what book are we talking about?! Well, this one:


*     *     *


*     *     *