Chicago : The Group Shot

I find myself filtering through almost 900 (?!) photos from this weekend. I also find myself without the energy to do a full-on "Chicago Highlights" post since I'm fighting a cold. So instead, here's a little behind-the-scenes of getting the perfect shot of the kiddos... As I'm sure you can imagine, getting a good shot of four kids is pretty challenging. So there were lots of "outtakes" in my collection.


[Notice how Spencer is asking to get down?!]


[And Poppy actually does.]


[No one is looking...]


[Colin gets distracted, Olive looks confused, Poppy is happy, and Spencer wonders why Poppy is touching him]


[Spencer goes in for the ear...]


[Dada, will you get me down?!]




[ANYONE want to get me down?!]

[Notice the others lack of enthusiasm at this point?!]

Then finally we get close...



And at long last... we have SUCCESS!


A couple of things jump out at me in these photos:

1. Look at how small Spencer is in comparison!! He didn't feel that tiny when we were all together, but looking through these photos, he's soooo small!

2. Did any of us realize that we arranged them with girls in the center and boys on the outside?!

3. It totally looks like they paired off in that last photo.

*   *   *

And lastly, if you haven't seen the photo on Elizabeth's blog of what the parents were doing to capture these shots, check it out here.