The truth be told, on Tuesday.

[Hmm..... I think I may need to create a new category since this one seems to be repeating.] The truth:

Spencer had an amazing time in Chicago this weekend. So did we. Amazing.

See how much Spencer is enjoying himself?!


No?! OK, look closer.

DSC_0339_cropped tight

That, my friends, is unbridled, head-thrown-back-because-I-cannot-and-willnot-contain-my-squeal-of-glee, joy.


I thought that this would be like any other weekend getaway... I'd have my laundry in the dryer, be all caught up on emails and blogs, and be catching up on the DVRed shows while happily posting away.

BUT. I forgot that this time, I would have a child in tow. The child being the whole reason this gathering ever took place, and the reason I probably had as much fun as I did. (OK - aside from the fantastic ladies ... and their hubbies... that I was hanging out with!) This time, my bags sit where I dumped them, dinner was pasta and jarred sauce, and my evening has been half about digging out and half about zoning out.

Tomorrow I will post more, but for now, I'm trying to remember how much fun we all had while ignoring the bags, the dishes, and pretty much everything else.

I will say that I'd do it all again in a heartbeat... for as difficult as life on the road with a toddler was... this made it all worth it: