Wordy Wednesday

[I figure someone has to do it since Kelly is following the rules lately... :-)] This is what I saw when I turned around from making breakfast this morning:



[Wake up fishies...]


[But Mama... I want to play with the fishies!]

Since he's been so interested in the fish, I thought it was time he picked out his own fish. So after Gym*boree, we headed to the fish store. He picked out a royal gramma, which is proof alone that I really did let him pick since that would not have been my choice. You can kind of see the yellow and purple blur below:



[Very intently studying his new little buddy]


We also picked up a couple more snails. I'm kind of shocked that he didn't break the bag considering the tight grip he had on it!

(And yes, I totally strapped him into his seat to take these photos. Otherwise, I'm not sure the new little buddies would have survived!)

* * * * *

And thank you ALL for the much-needed support and love on my last post.... what would I do without you?!?! (This should be longer, but it's not. And I think we are all ok with that... right?!)