My Little Climber

I feel like I should add some context to my last post... Spencer has been climbing for a while now, but lately it's gotten out of control! (I blame Gym*boree in part... since it's an opportunity to explore his "crazy" side on a weekly basis.) Paired with the fact that he's a strong lil guy, and we have trouble. So I shouldn't have been surprised when I first found him on the side table next to the tank... but I was. I guess I feel like that is such a "big boy" thing to be doing... and he's still a baby!

A few "highlights" from Spencer's climbing career:

  • He was scaling the ottoman and couch around 10.5 months. (And let's remember that they came up to his chest at that point!)
  • He climbed out of the pack-n-play at 11.5 months.
  • He climbed up and over the couch at 12 months.
  • He could chin himself at 12 months.
  • He climbed his chair in the kitchen at 14 months.
  • And the kitchen stool.
  • At 15 months he figured out the stairs (This seems to have taken a really long time)
  • He was arranging furniture, toys and drawers to suit his climbing needs at 15 months.
  • And today he scaled a five-foot ladder completely unassisted.

He certainly does keep me on my toes, and I completely expect him to succeed at getting out of the crib by 18 months. (believe me, he has tried!)  Oh man, I am in so. much. trouble. I feel like there are other things he's climbed that he shouldn't have... but they escape me right now.

So while my kiddo has no idea what to do with a fork or spoon or sippy cup, he has plenty of ideas of what to do with furniture, ladders, and sturdy toys!

And another cute story that I don't seem to have documented here:

A couple of weeks ago we were at our local coffee shop. They love Spencer, so he's pretty much allowed free reign, and they almost always entertain him while I eat. Love that place! Anyway, Spencer was playing behind the counter and all of the sudden I hear the owner say "oh my god!" So of course I run over thinking the worst. Instead of a catastrophe, I find Spencer carrying a 5 lb coffee bag around like it was a teddy bear. (A 5 lb bag is pretty large... it was not that much smaller than him!) He kept picking it up and putting it down... moving it from one end to another. Hysterical!

OK, so I realize this was a totally braggy post... but come on... look at my proud lil guy - he wanted me to tell you all this!