The truth be told, on Tuesday.

(Emily, I love this... so I'm borrowing it... again.) I am overwhelmed. Not with being a mama, but with everything else. Which means I'm falling behind. On lots of fronts. Reading blogs, responding to emails, cleaning, laundry, Facebook, cooking, work, crafts, blogging...


I am overwhelmed.

Anyone who knows us, knows we always have lots of balls in the air. That's how we like it. We've got a lot of exciting opportunities and events ahead for our family, and I really can't wait for them to happen, but it results in a lot of *STUFF* that has to get done. And I'm not even sure where to start. So instead, I freeze. And do nothing. While my to-do list gets out of control. And last I checked, paying the bills was not optional. (Eating is a whole other story though... I've found that can be completely optional.)

I am overwhelmed.

I wonder where the days go. And then I hear Spencer giggle. And I know (and smile). I feel like everyone else with kids get so. much. more. done... how?! I go to the bathroom for two seconds, and I come back to find the side table pushed over next to the fish tank... with Spencer on top of the table trying to remove the tank lid. How does one explain to a 15 month old that you do not need to share your toys with the clownfish?! I try to put makeup on (just powder and mascara) and he's making a staircase out of the drawers and climbing up them to get on top of the bathroom counter. (Isn't he too young for this by the way?!) So while Spencer is awake, he's my sole responsibility and where all my attention goes. By the time he goes to bed, I am fried... and still nothing gets done.

This is my life, and while I wouldn't trade it for a second... how can I start chipping away at this list?! Or do I just say f*$k it, and can the adoption announcements?! Can I really let the 12 drafted blog posts go... especially since they are about important events I want to document? Will I be laughed at if I finally post about his [July] birthday in November? Do I suck it up and buy the 8 baby gifts I wanted to make... I could go on, but I think you get the picture...

Tonight I am overwhelmed. Tomorrow I'll start kicking that to-do lists bum... but for now, I just want to