The War of the Raisins

I seem to be light on content here this week. Hmmm. Not really sure why since there's stuff going on here. Maybe it's because I'm trying to wrangle together some heavy topics into a readable and digestible post? Maybe it's that I'm light on energy as well these days? Anyway, to continue that theme... here's some cute pics.


[Yum. There's nothing better than my mid-morning raisins.]


[Watchya doin' Roxy?!]


[Mom... Roxy's eating my raisins!]


[You can't eat my raisins silly Doodles!]


[Just me and my raisins again... all is right in this world]

And a quick shout out/thank you to Aunt Kathleen who got the call for mittens on Friday and had them in the mail on Monday!


[Thanks Aunt Kathleen - I love my new hand knit mittens!]


[Even if it does make it way harder to bust into these here cabinets...]