Just a Day

Spencer and I had a great day today... and the best part is that it was just a day, nothing special. Our day started after a very successful night. Spencer slept from 6pm until 5:45am with no wake-ups! How awesome is that?! I know I complain a lot about the lack of sleep, and now I know why. It's amazing the difference in myself, my son, and our day when we log in some good sleep. The "good sleep" subject deserves a post all it's own though. For now, let's just say it was so, so nice.

After waking up we hung out in our PJs for a little while...


[We got these PJs in the mail from G-Ma last week... aren't they awesome?! Do you see the owls?!]


After logging in some good playtime, Spencer shocked me and fell asleep for a spontaneous 2.5 hour nap. (I know - crazy right?!)

It was a nice opportunity for me to catch up on some emails, and I got my inbox down to under 300 - yay!

When Spencer woke up, we took Roxy for a walk, which required some bundling up...



Then we had some lunch and headed out to do errands. Spencer did great while we were out and about. He even behaved himself while I had a conversation with a friend (or two) I ran into. I'm sure the never-ending supply of goldfish crackers helped!

Then we came home, and Spencer helped Mama bring in the bags...


And then goofed off while I unloaded the bags...



Meanwhile, Roxy checked the bags to see if there was anything for her in there...


Whew! What a day. After all that hard work, there's nothing like kicking back [against the kitchen cabinets] with a good bottle: