Mr. Obiedient

I'm having trouble finding the motivation to blog tonight. Actually, I'm trying to formulate my thoughts on a presentation I saw last night, The Asian American adoptive experience. It absolutely touched me to my core. I'm planning to write an in-depth post on it, but first I need to wrap my mind around it. It was informative, educated, emotional, and moving... and by far the best "lesson" I've gotten to date in this crazy journey we call adoption. I found myself laughing with my head thrown back one second and holding back sobs the next. It was amazing. I don't want to rush to post something, because I really want to do it justice, so bear with me. So instead, a cute story about my boy.

After nap, Spencer was having a snack while Doug and I ate a late lunch. It was a real treat for Spencer, we gave him a snack-size bag of Teddy*Grahams that his Nana brought over last night. Not only was this the first time he's gotten Teddy*Grahams, it was  also the first time he's actually been given the whole bag. (Normally we ration out a few at a time.)  He was essentially in heaven, and I don't think he could believe his luck. So anyway, Doug and I finished our lunch and gve Roxy a few bites. Then Doug told Roxy "All Done!" At which time, Spencer looked up from his bag-o-goods, and reluctantly placed the bag on his tray, shooting confused, sad faces at both Doug and I. He slowly raised his hands off the bag, looking forlornly at the uneaten treats in it. Switching his gaze up to us, he signed and spoke "More?" We burst out laughing... he had thought we were telling him "all done!" It was so sweet and moving to see how sad and confused he was as he immediately put his bag down as soon as he heard the "all done" phrase. Of course, we told him we weren't talking to him and he could finish his Grahams. He wasted no time (although he waited until he was sure we were ok with it), and I'm pretty sure he was snacking double time, worried we might change our minds!

Oh sweet boy, you kill me.