Then & Now

then-n-now A fun little comparison. Same boy, same outfit... five months apart. I took the "now" shot a couple of days ago. I remembered that we had worn this outfit a couple of times before it had warmed up, so I checked to see if we had any shots of him in it "then" to compare. We did! Now neither shot is that great, but I think it's fun to see the two shots side-by-side. (Some of you may remember this Wordless Wednesday shot which was taken right before the shot shown above) I thought that it would look a lot different on him, but it doesn't really. I mean, yeah, he's gained 2.5 pounds and grown 1.5 inches (yes, that's all) so he fills it out more, but the main difference is how much younger his face looks in the "then" shot, no?!

And this photo is random, yet funny. It's his preferred method for shovel transport: