Just Some Randomness

Fighting a cold here... so just some cute shots and the story behind the Wordless Wednesday post. We got some holiday wear from Aunt Kathleen and have been making sure we get to wear it as many times as we can...boo to you!


Someone found mama's hat on the stool and decided to give it a try (this was not staged, hence the lack of focus... I was trying to get the shot before he changed his mind!)


Sometimes you need to just lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling before you can return to running around like crazy...


Waiting for Roxy to come back...


Now for the story behind the Wordless Wednesday post...

You may have noticed that there were some Cheerios on his tray. What you didn't see were any raisins. Right? Moments before, I had put both on his tray. I walked across the kitchen, put the boxes back in the cabinet and turned around to see all the Cheerios and no raisins. I said "Where did they go?!" And he replied "blah ba ba ba?!" while striking this pose. And then he signed "more." I knew he couldn't have eaten all the raisins in that time frame, so I decided to investigate. Turns out he had shoved them down next to him in the booster seat... which is where he likes to put his "treasures." I guess he thought that if all the raisins were gone, he'd get some more... and still have his secret stash. Silly boy! Or Smart boy... I'm not sure which.

And yay to Bekah for guessing it right!