The Hair Cut

I decided that it was time for a little trim. Not for me, for Spencer. It was just getting a little shaggy. Now, if I were smart, I would call my hairdresser and make an appointment, like I did the last time. But, I didn't. I decided that I could take it on myself. BIG. MISTAKE. I'm not sure who was more traumatized. Me, or Spencer. I started with him in his booster seat, on the back deck, with more puffs than he knew what to do with. I figured, he sat so still at the hairdressers, surely he would do the same for me. Yeah, no. Let's just say... Really sharp scissors + crazy boy who keeps whipping his head around to see what mama is doing = A Bad Scene. The end result is a little scary. It's far from being even... luckily the curls hide some of that. I accidentally cut off most of one of his sideburns. Add in that his hair seems to be straightening out in places, and corkscrewing in others, and... well... it's a good thing he's a cute kid with a big personality. I tried to get some pictures, but it's really hard since he was pretty nervous to come near me the rest of the day.


At first glance, it doesn't look too bad... especially when he's on the move...


But, as shown above, the left side is a little shorter...


What's left of his sideburn... you can see where the accidental cut was if you look closely. (It's diagonal with the top of his ear.)


Is it looking a little straighter to anyone else?


[I can't believe she did this to me...]

Doug claims I gave him a mushroom cut... I claim I did the best I could.I haven't managed to capture it on "film" yet... but he also gets a mean "Farah Fawcett Feathered Do" when he sleeps on it right. Oh Spencer, I'm so sorry.

A bad haircut hasn't affected his personality at all though. Whew!

The rest of the day was spent watching Roxy eat:


And eat...


And eat...


And eat... Please note that Roxy looks less than pleased with this activity.


Also note that Spencer was dressed in head-to-toe velour. This is only fascinating in that his potential future girlfriend was dressed in a matching outfit... half a country away. Meant to be? I think so!

Once they both had full bellies, they strategized their escape from the kitchen...


When that failed to pan out, they retreated to the family room, where all escapes were forgotten once we found Roxy's tooth gel swabs...


Which are perfect for drumming on the floor...


The last two shots were post "the even out" attempts...