Southwick Zoo


[Photo by Jen]

Last week Spencer and I met up with some new friends. (well, for him at least!) My friend Jen and her two boys suggested an outing to the Southwick Zoo, and it turned into the perfect day! The weather was fabulous (even though we were supposed to get rain) and the zoo was the perfect size and atmosphere. Not too big, but had all the "important" animals... Had lots of trees and shade... Had a playground to burn off some energy... Wasn't cement everywhere you turned. Spencer was intrigued by the monkeys, entertained by the elephant (especially when he started dancing), but his favorite animal by far were the pygmy goats. Of course. They are always his favorite. Oh well, at least he knows what he likes.

The funniest part was after a couple of "rock-like" animals (tortoises and alligators) we stopped by the baby giraffe. We were trying to get Spencer to look [up] and see the baby giraffe, but he just kept staring at the great big boulder in the pen with an expression of "I see it Mama, I see it!" Oh sweet boy. Maybe next time. (And there will be a next time!)

The boys got along great and Spencer had a blast strolling and playing with them... especially when they introduced him to the giant sandbox. Oh boy! I didn't take a ton of photos... I think I was too involved in catching up with Jen! But I did snag this one, which I love, because clearly, they are just interested in each other.


Jen & Boys... thanks for a wonderful time!