6 Months.

Six months ago, we woke up as a family of three for the first time. [Yeah, I have no idea where those six months have gone either...I'm actually in disbelief that it's been six months.] It's also been six months since I got a good night's sleep. Granted, I'm so much better off than I was in May, but good sleep still alludes us/me here. I realized over the weekend that I have a lot of anger over this. (This may not come as a surprise to some of you, sometimes I'm slow on the uptake.) I'm struggling because I have no where to really direct that anger either. No one's at fault, and I've pretty much determined that it's the best it's going to get, and that I need to work on accepting that. Acceptance without resolution is a tough concept for me. Normally I let it all out at the deserving party and then move on. I could rant about it here... but that doesn't seem right either. I may need to get some cheap china and write all my issues on it and then smash it against a brick wall. Then maybe I can work on the acceptance part.

We had one of our worst nights ever on Friday night. And for those of you who have followed the sleep drama, you know that means it was bad. Really bad. It was a much-needed reminder though of how far we've come, and that I can make this situation work. Yes, it means I have to compromise from my ideals. Yes, it means that I need to set the alarm for an un-godly hour (I consider anything that is before 5am just wrong... and no, I don't currently set my alarm... this is a new approach to coping. I think if I can start my day first it may improve my attitude.). So, moving forward, I'm going to try to be more pro-active and less bitter about this. I'm going to try to put my anger aside, and move on. Because really, I'm pretty darn lucky. As one of my blog buddies [unknowingly] reminded me this morning: I wake up to one of the cutest, funniest, smartest babies in the world. Yes, we have our issues, but in the grand scheme of things, we are so very, very lucky.

Probably not the post you were all expecting. And I should probably reward you all with a cute picture. Especially considering this is the post commemorating six months with our boy. (My word, what is my problem... complaining in a post that should be all about how wonderful he is?!) So, not wanting to disappoint, I leave you with this one from Newport a couple of weekends ago. He's a little bit of a blur since he's chasing down Dada, and more importantly, his smoothie. But cute none-the-less. And I love that you can almost hear his giggle when you look at the photo.