The Working Waterfront

After the successful outing to the Newport Boat Show, we decided to try another Boat Event... this time focused on the Commercial Boats. The Working Waterfront Festival is a yearly event held in nearby New Bedford (America's largest commercial port) and focuses on the commercial fishing industry. It was a gorgeous day, perfectly fall... but a wonderful day to be next to the water. I mean, just look at the sky...


First stop was the food tent where we got some Portuguese food from one of the local restaurants that my husband is a fan of. (As am I now!) It was Spencer's first experience with Portuguese food... and to say it was a hit was an understatement:


[Frantically signing "more"...]

Then we headed out to check out the boats. First stop, the scallop boat where Grandpa was working. Spencer scored a t-shirt from Grandpa, and posed for some pictures with him:



Then we took a little tour around the very big-yet-small boat. Have you ever been on a commercial fishing boat?! Those living quarters are just a wee bit tight. I can't even imagine adding in a rough sea... I was green just thinking about it.



Then we walked around and looked at the other boats... one of us had the best ride of all...the baby carrier:


A couple more shots...



We asked Spencer what he thought, and he said it was one heck of a good time:


[Dad... all the artsy shots are for you - enjoy!]