Well, so much for posting every day this month! I've completely blown off posting the past several days. The past few days have been rough going. Poor lil' guy is working through some teeth, or some grief/adjustments, or something. Add into that a cranky mama from sleep deprivation and it's not a pretty sight. Factor in a few curve balls from life in general and I haven't been in the right mental space to be here.

Luckily, today was much, much, much better. We woke up on the right side of the crib (at 4:50 am - but that's a story for another day)  and just had a really good day. Nothing special, just gym*boree and some shopping and some snacks and naps... and of course lots of playing. And no crying. At all. Whew!

I've been working on a post of "what Spencer is up to" that I will try to get up over the next few days. Every day I feel that he learns something new, or does something new... and he is always making me laugh. (Except for when he is sobbing uncontrollably for hours ... that's rather sad.)

I'll leave you with a cute photo and a quick story.


I took this photo at the park the other day. And it's not a mistake... the closed eyes are intentional. I've been getting this "look" a lot more often these days, and sometimes it's accompanied with a long sigh. (I fear that he's picked this up from me.) It's usually used right when "regrouping" or "taking a moment" such as after a fall on a hard surface or when something that he's pushed to far bounces back. You can sometimes even see his mind saying "wow that was crazy" but hey, he doesn't ever cry so I'll take it. In this case though, it was taken after I "helped" him pile some rocks on the slide. Clearly not his intention when he was doing it. Silly me.