Sour Grapes and Dill Pickles

Elizabeth commented on my Grape Eating post saying that I must have fed Spencer the sourest grapes to get that expression. As I explained to her, that's actually not the case... I think they were too sweet! This boy loves his tart and sour foods. Case in point, I bought a deli-style dill pickle today. You know the ones that make your cheeks pull in a little when you bite into them? I had some bites set aside on my plate for him. But after he got his first taste, he quickly absconded with a whole spear! Here's a clip of him enjoying his stolen goods. (And yes, I do realize my son is running free in the great room with a pickle. My standards have come down to a whole new level apparently...)

(Notice how Roxy is "standing by" in case any drop?!)

Here's more video of him enjoying his stash. This video has me in tears (of laughter) every time I see it. Here's why: 1. He does his signature "MMMmmm grunt" thing he does every time he has something he likes a lot. Note: he also does that sound when he sees something he wants. Like my bagel. He comes right up to me and leans in and does that until he gets a bite. Silly boy!

2. He decides to boogie on down while taking a bite. It's just that good I guess.

3. He tries to stow his pickle on the hearth. Really?! Who taught him that was an ok place to put food while you take a break?!

4. As he's running behind the couch he's holding his pickle spear out in front of him with both hands, arms fully extended, like it's something to worship.

5. And lastly, he declares all done and drops it on the sofa.

Oh my god. This boy never ceases to make me laugh.