He's a Grape Eater

As I recently blogged, Spencer has really taken to people food. Now, we've been offering it to him for months.Certain things he took to right away, and some of them were a little surprising. I'd say that two of his favorite things are salmon and seaweed (not necessarily together). Equally surprising were the things that he would refuse... including watermelon and grapes. Now, he will eat pretty much anything we offer him. Especially if it's carbs... he's a carb fiend just like his mama and his big "sister" Roxy. But I digress. We recently introduced grapes again a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's true love. We're now at the point where I have to hide them in the fridge, because if he gets a glimpse of them, he starts frantically signing more and pointing at "them" (usually the fridge door) going "dat" "dat" "dat" until I appease him, or distract him.

And, if that wasn't bad enough... I apparently have to watch not to walk by fake grapes in the store as well. We were at the big-red-bullseye earlier this week and I walked by a cluster of decor grapes. Now, I didn't even see them. But Spencer did. And started frantically signing more and pointing at them. I *still* didn't realize what he wanted... although, believe me, I was trying to figure it out.... I mean, we were in the "Sm!th&H@wken" aisle... what could he possible want?! The decor duck? No. The apple wreath? No. After several other [incorrect] guesses, I spied the grapes. Now try to explaining to a 14 month old the concept of "fake" food. Not happening. I tried just walking away. I tried distracting him with the toddler snacks. The farther we got, the more frantic he got... completely with throwing-the-head-back-while-moaning-and-kicking-the-legs. So what did I do?! I went to the front of the store to the snack bar where there was [thank goodness] a fruit bowl... complete with grapes. Crisis averted. Whew!

So thinking about that, it's hard to believe this was two months ago:

And if that's not enough for you, here's the second attempt. Not nearly as dramatic (no "oh-dear-god-mama-what-are-you-feeding-me" reaction) but still pretty funny.